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Our farm uses only natural methods for fertilization such as "soil biology" and never employs the use of artificial chemicals, toxic pesticides, or preservatives or coloring in our products. Our fruit is picked ripe for shipping, getting to our clients from farm to table within 2-4 working days from date of order.

You're part of the local economy, so you understand how important it is to keep this beautiful part of Benton County vibrant and moving forward. We're doing that, too! If you are a food service organization or other retailer, contact us about discounts.

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Our family business started its operations in Dec. 2013. We distribute our fruit and home-made quince spread through the local Farmers' Market in Corvallis, Oregon, USA. We also ship seasonal fresh fruit and spreads directly within the USA - Click on "Quince Products / Orders" in the orange ribbon above for secure online purchasing.

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