Quince EssentialTM

All Natural

PRODUCTS: Quince Spread (aka "Quince Paste") & fresh fruit

2019 is our fifth year harvesting several varieties of Quince fruit from our orchard with origins from Russia, Turkey and the state of California (Luther Burbank originals dating back to 1899) all certified organic by Oregon Tilth. We also continue to harvest from our established Pineapple quince trees. Learn about quince here. How does the quince pulp turn red after cooking? Savor the science of quince here.

Along with fruit from our trees, we are conserving and selling our signature Quince Spread or Dulce de Membrillo (we do not use the term Quince Paste that you might see elsewhere) artisan made at the farm in small batches with sugar reduced by 25% from the original Chilean recipe. Our Quince Spread is firm enough to be sliced to accompany cheese and crackers. It is hand crafted and conserved in canning jars for gifts with an 18-month shelf life.

Our Spread uses exclusively organic* fruit from our farm and organic cane sugar. There are no ingredients that other manufacturers often add to cheapen the cost and quality of this unique product. We also ship our fresh fruit (September to November while supplies last) and Quince Spread ALL YEAR directly from our farm production to you. Click on the green "Order Online" button below!

*certified organic by Oregon Tilth